About company

Tomas Green is dynamically developing company, opened on the base of one of the biggest suppliers of raw materials as dried fruits and nuts on the Russian market. Company started to produce the products under own trade mark since recently. We have modern manufacturing complex and as a result we produce the product of highest quality that controls by technologists from Germany and Switzerland. It makes our product unique, non-have analogue on Russian market. Our product has excellent taste and huge content of health properties.
The main object of our company is to supply end users the best quality products at reasonable price!


Now our Company is one of the largest importers of the high quality dried fruits and nuts into Russia from the leading world suppliers. Since 2015 a new trend of our holding is the export of the Russian production into the countries of South and South East Asia. The mission of our company is to supply the production of the highest quality to our customers.

Mission of FruNut is to achieve the leading positions in the Russian market

To our partners we aim to build the reliable and open long-time mutually beneficial relations of a high level.

To our clients we offer special approach, market monitoring, high level of management, clear work organization, flexible prices, wide and constantly updated range of products, stocks organization that allows to realize the smooth deliveries In relations with our consumers we aim to satisfy their demands in pleasure to purchase the high-quality natural products To our employees we offer to develop constantly participating with the team of like-minded persons getting the decent score of a personal contribution

Strategic concept of the Company

- development of the new production brands

- development of the new chocolate production without any analogs in Russian market

- opening of the new manufacturing complexes

- development of the distribution channels of the own manufacturing production

The Mission and strategic vision are approved by the Board of Directors (13 May, 2012).

Structure of the Company

Management Company “FruNut”

1. Daisy Investments LLC is a manufacturing complex (frying, salting and pre-packing of nuts and dried fruits, production of chocolate and chocolate dragee, splitting and cutting of nut-dried fruits into different fractions)

2. Tomas Green LLC is trade points of wholesale trade (in the wholesale food center Food City, Dorogomilovsky market), small pre-packing production trade under own trade mark, also import and export of nuts, dried fruits and grains.


AO Orbank

PAO Transcapitalbank

AO Raiffaisenbank

PAO Sberbank Rossii


In the base of the formation of the FruNut company founded in 1996 was an idea of organization of manufacturing specialized in processing of nuts and in manufacturing of natural chocolate production.

1996 Foundation of the Company. Start of the deliveries of fresh fruits from Europe

1998 Successful overcome of the economic crisis in Russia

2000 Organization of the direct deliveries of nuts and dried fruits of the world leading suppliers

2001 FruNut company becomes an exclusive cashew supplier with the DonaFoods trade mark

2002 subdivision of the Company provides with the raw the food, processing and trade companies of Russia and CIS countries realizing the direct deliveries of the high qualified dried fruits of the world leading suppliers. High level of responsibility in obligations fulfillment, constant widening of rage and geography of delivery, taking into account the preferences of the clients and partners are the principles that guide our company and allow it to continue its intensive development.

2003 FruNut company becomes an exclusive US prunes supplier with the trade mark Hill View

2009 start of the building of the factory for the hazelnut processing in the city of Zheleznodorozhny. The common area of the production and warehouse rooms of the Frunut company is more than 2000 m2. The technological lines of the factory are equipped with the American plants for the nut frying.

2010 the Company widens the rage of production supplied for the large distribution networks.

2011 Building of the manufacturing complex in the city of Serpukhov. The manufacturing areas and warehouses of the FruNut company are more than 10 000 m2. The equipment of the factory with the plants of the Japanese and Italian manufacturers for the small pre-packing.

Active development of the own trade mark direction, increase of the number of partners and production supply volume

2012 Year of growth and development of the company: the own trade mark was developed and brought into market: the “Tomas Green” nuts and dried fruits

2013 – start of the Italian line of chocolate and chocolate dragee. The production of chocolate is controlled by the technologists from Switzerland and Germany

Output of the chocolate production with the “Tomas Green” trade mark

2014 – opening of the trade point in the wholesale food center Food City

• opening of the trade point in Dorogomilovsky market

• acknowledgement of the chocolate dragee under trade mark “Tomas Green” as a product of the year in the “World Food"

2014 exhibition

2015 launching of the Dolcelat brand – a new line of the chocolate production


We created the high-quality pack with attractive design, that corresponds to all standards and norms of storage and keeping all tastes of product. At creation of packing design we strived to reflect an image causing trust and representing quality of product. Colourfully created image is the instrument of motivation at the moment of chosing the product from the shelf that is very actual for snek products as goods of pulse demand. Each product from our range is designated by own color that makes easier to recognize the goods from the general product line.

Competitive adventages

  • Quality of products
  • Incontestable usefulness of a product
  • The wide range of products covering all possible flavoring requirements
  • Useing of advanced manufacturing sciences
  • Competitive prices
  • Premium class packing
  • Doesn't take many place on the shelf
  • Easily to place on the additional branded equipment
  • Bright design
  • Group packing - box with a small amount of packs
  • Opportunity to get the maximum profit
  • Opportunity to receive products directly from the line
  • and MAIN THING! Our product is made with soul!

Targeted audience

  • children till 14 years, and their parents for whom is important that his child eats a product the most useful even at the time of fast having snack;
  • teenagers from 14 till 17 years. They prefer fast having snack and buy inexpensive snecks on pocket money;
  • the consumers choosing snack to beer. These are young people from 20 till 35 years. They light on the feet also like to try new product;
  • people are older 35 years buying Tomas Green because it conveniently, tasty and it is useful – they can be eaten on the way, at work, at home, in combination with any drinks

Conditions of the contract

Credit terms
Transparent price policy
Free delivery in Moscow and Moscow region
Motivation of trade team
Supplying of information and promotion materials
Promo actions directed on end users
System of discounts
Unique offers for exclusive distributors

We are ready to consider various ways of a merchandising for our products!